• 1998 - production was oriented on slimline deflectors that we have about 500
              types of classic and sticking deflectors for front and side windows

  • 2002 - capacity of production expansion in metalworking and smith´s workshop
              diwiding wall and gitterboxes

  • 2004 - capacity of production expansion in precise engineering and sheet
              metal working

  • 2007 - expansion of painting - powder coating

  • 2007 - we offer untypical interior and exterior modifications for different activities: civil protection,  police, rescue workers, rack systems and other modifications for buildings according to the requirements of clients.

  • 2010 - we offer untypical car modifications for hunters, fishermen, transportable hunting and shooting towers, dosing feeders. 

  • 2012 - the production of a special mechanism, which can launch a smaller boat on water. Easy operation, suitable for fishermen and water sports lovers.

Production capacity:

Metal production

Smith's workshop

Plastic production